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The South End Community Center



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            The South End Community Center provides services to our community residents by making our facility availible for athlethic /recreation activities, sports clinics, community meetings, and special events. Our primery area of service involves utilization of the Gymnasium, Game and Weigt Rooms. The first floor and basement has the largest volume of usage during the hours of 10:00 am-9:00pm, Monday through Friday. Instructional activities include Boxing, Weight Lifting, and Dance. The gymnasium is also utilized for special events such as teen dances, and family recreation nights and community information forums. Our focus is on continous improvement through periodic evaluations and assessment on the effectiveness of our program. This focus will lead to an increase in international programing so that our children, youth, and the elderly can collectively enjoy this experience of promoting, teaching, learning, and having good old fashion family fun.  
             The South End Community Center's Youth provides an alternetive to gangs, teaches community awareness, and community participation. Therefor, each participant will gain self-discipline, improved self-confidence,and increased self-esteem.The Youth Corps is compose of SECC members and South End Community has many needs with one of the solutions being activities teen involvement and participation in resolving neighborhood issues and problems.The group operates by a charter and electsits own officers, schedules regular meetings, and performs outreach activities for the center.
            The SECC After School Program provides out of school time programing that supports academic achivement, social skills, and life kills for low performing students and latch-key kids in grade K-8. Our focus is to complement the academic instruction that occours during the school day with learning activies that take place after school. The hours of the program are Monday through Friday from 3:00pm-6:00pm which includes the use of the Computer/ Technology and Gym.

Patrice C, Swan
Special Project Coordinator
Camp Seco
29 Howard St 
Springfield, MA 01103

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